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Harsha G

“Burnham Speakers is a diverse and small club, always members get an opportunity to speak and grow further. Whereas in the bigger clubs with more than 30 members, opportunities are very limited. The mentoring program run by the club; every member will have a mentor and help in their leadership journey. Burnham Speakers helped me in overcoming the fear, I am now able to give presentations to clients with confidence and am progressing in the leadership journey.”

Daniel W

“Welcoming and professional group, who have really helped with my impromptu speaking so far, and anecdotally I would say I have reduced my ‘errs’ and ‘ums’ by 30%…ish! Despite having to do homework I have really enjoyed preparing for speeches using the Pathways structure and hope to have Level-1 completed early 2021.”

Anand R

“Toastmasters is a great place for improving communication and self confidence. The club members create a very supportive environment that enables you to be yourself and progress at your own pace. You get to learn and also laugh! What more can one ask for.”

Colin B

“Burnham Speakers has helped develop my public speaking skills as everyone is very supportive. As this is a new club it offers lots of opportunities for people to learn new skills and really feel part of the community. This led me to have the confidence to volunteer and become the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for the club.

Nick B

“Apart from the many benefits to me of being in Toastmasters, what I like about Burnham Speakers is: I like the teamwork from the committee and their commitment to keeping Burnham a successful club, I like the friendliness of the members and I feel I have made some friends, Members have a real willingness to improve themselves, It’s an opportunity to meet many people from diverse backgrounds, As a smaller club we get more practice to develop our speaking and leadership skills so we improve faster.
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