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President: Bushra Mohammed

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I discovered Toastmasters for the first time in October 2019 and joined the club straight away. I wanted to improve my self confidence and public speaking skills having returned back to work after a long career break, to start a new business.

Running my property investment company and working as a Consultant Solicitor, I quickly realised that networking is essential, especially in the early years to form new relationships. Hence the skills learnt at Toastmasters have increased my confidence, which has led me to be able to speak on podcast interviews and do several live webinars presentations to over 50 people.

We are a diverse and friendly club where new members can improve their self development journey whilst building a new network.

VP Education: Harsha Gummadi

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Currently I am working as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist in the Pharmaceutical Industry after completing master’s degree in Pharmacy 10 years ago, in this role I am client facing person preparing and delivering the presentations and answering the queries raised by client on the spot. This is an interesting and challenging role too and I thought of joining a platform where I can practice the skills would be very much helpful for doing a better job and joined Toastmasters club.

The way Toastmasters work is very helpful, especially impromptu speaking/table topics is really a good opportunity where you can start thinking on your feet on the spot and enlighten the skills on your own. Finally, happy to be a part of Burnham Speakers, a diverse Toastmasters club.

VP Membership: Nick Bailey

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I run my own business as a consultant Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager in the construction industry.

I didn’t realise when I first joined Toastmasters over 15 years ago how much I enjoy giving my time to a club as a committee member. I have learnt more teamwork skills as a result as well as improving my leadership skills.

In October 2019 I took the opportunity to start Burnham Speakers. Starting a new club is something I had not experienced before. This tested my marketing and sales knowledge and further developed my leadership skills whilst using other skills practiced in Toastmasters like giving effective feedback, motiving and encouraging others.

Since joining Toastmasters I have gained the confidence to take up stand-up comedy for a while which further enhanced my speaking skills.

VP Public Relations: Colin Browne

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I joined Toastmasters to improve my confidence and technique in public speaking. The club has been a very supportive, friendly and safe space to practice standing in front of an audience. Meeting roles, online training, and mentoring encourages self development.

Starting my own business helping companies adapt to the Digital Era requires listening, understanding, and the confidence to present to clients. As part of my role in the committee I have been able to support and grow Toastmasters digital footprint.

Secretary: Daniel Welling

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Daniel started his career in IT in 1995, following a sales track, working for a number of VARs and quickly developing a consultative approach to new business and account management, leading to Sales Management within a few years. The urge to do more resulted in forming an IT support business (what today we call an MSP!) in 2002 which developed over the following 12-years with the obligatory highs, lows and lessons learned. In 2014 the opportunity arose to exit the business in a trade sale, allowing Daniel to pursue his non-IT interests, which have included further highs, lows and lessons in the fields of motorsport and soft drinks, whilst remaining involved with the MSP market through being an active member of MSP communities, taking a part time role with the acquirer of his business and growing a base of other MSPs with whom he has worked in the blended-capacity of mentor, consultant, NED and devil’s advocate. In 2019, Daniel co-rebooted the London SBSC monthly meet up for MSPs whilst continuing participation in groups such as CompTIA.

Treasurer: Teresa Bowden

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My journey with Toastmasters started in the Company where I work, they had a corporate club that met at lunchtimes twice a month. I’m a confident person and anyone that knows me would never imagine I could have a problem speaking in public. let me tell you the truth, I was happy talking amongst family and friends but when it comes to strangers or large groups and the focus is on me, I was terrified. My concerns would be saying something that would make me look silly or forgetting my words or not being interesting/funny. The opportunity came along in 2019 to help out at a new local community club in the area I had just moved to, I soon became a joint member and started to enjoy my journey. I’ve met lots of new people some from different backgrounds and cultures and I’ve learnt a lot from them. I’ve taken on roles within the meetings and this was how I started to build my confidence and I’m looking forward to working my way through pathways and understanding and realising what makes a speech stand out and engage the audience. Since joining Toastmasters I’ve stood up and spoken to an audience of over 200 people at work and this has only been possibly because of Toastmasters (don’t get me wrong I was still nervous but I now have the tools to help me overcome my fears).

Sergeant at Arms: Mohammad Aziz

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A shy kid from Maidenhead, who didn’t dare to ask a stranger for directions and he would prefer to wander in the streets lost for hours instead. He joined Toastmasters in 2012 to get over his shyness and fear of speaking to people.

Now he is an advanced speaker and has overcome his fear of public speaking. Currently, he has to give regular presentations at conferences for work and has started to enjoy the public speaking experience.