Meet the Committee!

Nick Bailey – President and Club Founder


Nick joined Toastmasters in 2005 and has enjoyed every minute since. He remained as a member of Toastmasters as he enjoys being part of a friendly, supportive and inspiring group of people, some of them having become his friends.
When listening to people’s speeches, He often finds he goes home having learnt something new about a subject he was not aware of. Not only has his speaking skills improved, but he has put into practice many leadership skills too.
He has completed a number of roles in the organisation including VP Education, Club President and Area Director. He also enjoys passing on his knowledge and experience to the new members as a mentor.

Debs Wallace – Secretary and Club Founder

Passionate about Toastmasters, and an advanced speaker within the organisation, Debs’ timid beginnings, bear little resemblance to the speaker she is today.

Debs was ‘cajoled’ into coming along to Basingstoke Speaker’s first meeting in November 2013.  From that moment onwards she benefited from the warm, non-judgemental environment Toastmasters has to offer, in over 146 countries world-wide.

Since joining Toastmasters, Debs has entered and won competitions, served as President of Basingstoke Speakers, taken on other leadership roles, and is currently acting as Mentor to a new member at Basingstoke.  She is also an Area Director for the 2019-20 Toastmaster year.  Debs has just completed her High-Performance Leadership project (HPL), which is one of the last and hardest requirements to become a Distinguished Toastmaster, itself the highest award that can be earned.  Debs is also serving as Club Sponsor to Burnham Speakers.

Mohammad Aziz


A shy kid from Maidenhead, who didn’t dare to ask a stranger for directions and he would prefer to wander in the streets lost for hours instead. He joined Toastmasters in 2012 to get over his shyness and fear of speaking to people.
Now he is an advanced speaker and has overcome his fear of public speaking. Currently, he has to give regular presentations at conferences for work and has started to enjoy the public speaking experience.