Christmas Social

The meeting started as normal. Ranjit opened the meeting well as [email protected] with a little joke.

Our President Nick welcomed everybody and made a request. Does anyone have a contact in any of the large companies in the Slough area as it would be easier to swell our membership numbers with company employees? Please contact Debs or Nick.

Special guests Norman and Joyce Rhodes were welcomed. Norman has been a Toastmaster since 1980 and has started many new clubs in the area and continues to support new clubs. Joyce, now retired, has been a very active member of Maidenhead Speakers Club for many years.

Jacqui Hogan from Ascot and Chiltern Speakers was our Toastmaster of the Evening this week. She wasn’t wearing her corset this time! As an experienced speaker and mentor she guided us smoothly through the proceedings and introduced all the speakers.

Ikenna was our first speaker giving a prepared speech on ‘Neuroplasticity’; how our brain makes new connections in response to learning. Ikenna did a great job by speaking without notes, an excellent start for his first, ‘ice breaker’ speech.

Bindu followed up with an extended speech on how she overcame nerves in her long speaking career. I am sure many members and guests alike will take something away from this well thought through presentation by Bindu.

Teresa was Table Topics Master offering anyone the opportunity to give an impromptu speech on one of her chosen ‘Christmas’ subjects. Ian, Ahmed, Kiran. Arun and Kasia all delivered a polished answer to their given topic. Ian won the best table topic award.

Afterwards, it was time for the feedback sessions with Debs and Lorraine giving positive feedback to the two prepared speeches. In particular, Debs highlighted Ikenna’s confidence, which could have been better if he had moved nearer the audience and Lorraine drew attention to Bindu’s fluent presentation with no sign of nerves which could have been enhanced with more pronounced arm gestures.

Duncan kept us on track with an accurate report of everybody’s speech times. Bushra summed up with her assessment of the numbers of crutch words used and how nearly everyone managed to squeeze in her word of the day ‘Celestial’.

Our president then closed the meeting with a thanks to everyone who took part and the guests were invited to comment on what they thought of the evening.

Finally, members and guests were invited to stay for a social gathering to celebrate Christmas and to get to know each other better over a mince pie and other snacks and drinks. There was so much food brought in by everyone that we could have fed the whole of Burnham!

Debs and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. 

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year where our first two meetings are 8th and 15th January. Kind regards

Nick Bailey
President, Burnham Speakers 

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